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Roof Inspection

Castle Roofing & Construction provides quality roofing services for Clearwater and many surrounding cities at competitive prices. Whether you require roof replacements, roof maintenance or new roofing installations, Castle Roofing can accommodate your needs! We offer these services for both residential and commercial roofing systems alike. Our experience ranges across the State of Florida and our roofing contracts train with the most popular construction and roofing manufacturers to retain and maintain factory certifications as well as the latest techniques available to improve installations and repairs.

Replacing a roof involves first removing the current roof and then installing the new roofing system. We complete our roofs as quickly as possible in order to cause as little disruption as possible to your daily schedule. Our roofing professionals are well aware that removing older roofs are more than likely to produce hazardous debris during the process. Please inform our roofing contractors of any landscaping features you would like us to pay special attention to. We will take the precautions necessary to prevent damage to your more delicate elements.