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Commercial Building Roofing

A roof is qualified as flat when its slope is that of 10 degrees or less. Because of the low slope, the accumulation of water and resultant leaks are a great concern for photo of membrane roofingboth the client and the roofer. Due to the higher risk, the importance of a proper installation is higher as well. If done correctly the first time, then flat roofing maintenance and repair work will be minor, at best.

EPDM is known for its extreme durability. The synthetic rubber membrane comes in both white and black, ranging from seven to fifty feet in width. Its roofing seams can be sealed with specially formulated tape or liquid adhesives if the membrane is not installed either mechanically attached or fully adhered.

Also known as vinyl roofs, these flexible sheets of roofing membrane are popular among commercial roofs. Thanks to the additives included in the materialís production process make the PVC roofs resistant to fires, high winds, acid rain and UV light degradation.

TPO roofs are another type of single-ply roofing membrane most used for its natural heat reflection and incredible waterproof protection.