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Waterfront homes in Clearwater Fl can have a much higher risk of storm damage. Homeowners should be aware that hurricanes frequent the west coast of Florida putting these homes at risk due to high winds. Homes in this area frequently lose shingles from their roofs during a storm, and some suffer more significant damage such as a complete roof tear off. When these storms pass through in the summer, homes are often in need of roof repair.


Castle Roofing & Construction prides itself on knowing our neighbors. Providing quality roofing services in Palm Harbor since 1998, we can bring over 20 years of knowledge to the table when it comes tropical storm and hurricane damaged. To ensure the longevity and durability of our roofs in a hurricane hot spot, we use only the highest quality materials and professional roofing installation team get it done right the right way the first time. Professional, high quality roofs can safeguard your home from roof leaks and mold damage to help maintain a safe and leak free interior. 


To better suit the needs of Clearwater FL homeowners, we use extremely durable roofing materials to provide our customers with a finished product that is resistant to wind and storm damage. If your roof begins to lose shingles during a wind storm or tornado, water can make its way into the attic of your home and begin to create an environment for mold and mildew to grow. Even a few missing shingles can begin to spell disaster for a home’s roof in a tropical area like Clearwater FL. Even a few shingles lost in a storm can put the home at risk of further damage from future tropical storms!


Fixing roof leaks or other minor damage can save your roof from lost facia, flashing or puncture in the water tight membrane that lines a roof to keep water out. Hiring an experienced Clearwater roofer can help keep your home safe from these subsequent damages from summer rains!

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At Castle Roofing & Construction Inc. of Palm Harbor, FL. we are Florida State Certified Roofing Contractors. Our licensed & insured roofing contractors work quickly while providing superior quality work on all of your commercial and residential roofing needs. For roof installations, roof repairs and maintenance needs, contact Castle Roofing today for a free consultation and estimate for your project.

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